Born and raised in FL, Josh moved to Nashville to pursue music and it was music that led him to Des Moines too. He grew up practicing the songs of his favorite bands (Dave Matthews Band, Blink 182, and Red Hot Chili Peppers) but ended up playing in country bands shortly after relocating.  In 2009, he answered an online add for a drummer needed to fill the spot vacated by the band's original drummer, Kip Porter. After a rehearsal with the rest of the band, they knew that Josh was the perfect fit to fill the shoes of the founding member.  Josh brings the rock drummer sound with an R&B feel that really gives each song gimikk plays a unique style that can't be matched by any other band.


A native of Des Moines,inspired by eyerything from 50's Rock to modern day metal, Billy Seven storms the stage as an artist as well as an entertainer. He carries more of a punk rock attitude but with an emotional dynamic feel. He studied everything from the early 90's Alternative movement to the earlier Metallica days. He's a fan of Guns n Roses as well as Kiss. He's been known to be drawn in by theatrics and colorful productions and is a supporter of many fast, glam, punk rock metal bands and a regular in the Des Moines local music scene. Billy is always hungry for knowledge, and fueled by his band brothers bringing out the best in him.


James Brinker grew up in small town Iowa & grew up singing along to Casey Kasem’s top 40 & his parents’ vinyl 70’s collection. While his peers bought into MTV’s “music revolution” of the early 1990s, James was busy studying the rock genre of Queen, Styx, & Van Halen. By the end of the decade, he was fronting his first rock band, STRUCK BY LIGHTNING. Soon after came DRIVE, followed by MECHANISTRY, SWEET AFTON, and RENDERED. James enters his 10th year as gimikk front man as a stage veteran of various styles & formulas. The fit has been a good one as the first decade has proven. So bring the popcorn & crack open another beer as gimikk brings the show on stage directly to your face! 


Jimmi V came from a land far, far away. One day he found himself in the US listening to the 80’s hair bands, like Dokken, Yngwie Malmsteen and Journey. Music has always been in his blood, singing since he can remember. He started out playing the drums during the 80s, but soon picked up the guitar. Along the way he joined many bands and made many friends. Jimmi entered gimikk around 2004 as their lead guitarist.


Cy the “Cykick” coming straight at you from a small town in western Iowa. He started in one of those garage bands picking up the guitar and seems like he hasn’t put it down since. Addicted to Eddie Van Halen’s brown sound, his relentless pursuit of perfecting his game has brought him into gimikk. When Cy gets on the stage, he’ll grab your attention with his passion for music. He might even surprise you with the “Van Halen” split! So sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

 In their 15th year of existence, gimikk has been rockin' venues in Des Moines and the surrounding area, earning its reputation as "The Best Party Band in Des Moines". With their high energy performance and amazing musical skills, topped off by the entertaining and charismatic persona of lead singer, James Brinker, gimikk is sure to deliver a show unrivaled by any other local act.

​ Fans have faithfully followed the band as it evolved into the group of adept rockers that comprise gimikk today. In 2003, Billy Seven harnessed a new power and inspiration after trading six strings for four. When gimikk's enforcer plugs in, a flare uncommon among typical bassists is unleashed.

​ The group then added stealth and technical prowess to their arsenal with the addition of guitarists "Jimmi V" & "Cy Kick." Jimmi's mastery of the axe enables gimikk to pursue the most challenging riffs. Like a skilled snake charmer, his melodies enchant listeners. Meanwhile Cy balances the other the end of the stage, often enlisting the aid of his Golden Acoustic.

​ In June of 2007, gimikk acquired a vital link in the pursuit of delivering rock to the hard working men and women of Des Moines. James Brinker's experience and penchant for high energy shows is a perfect fit. 

​ The final piece fell into place in April of 2009. Drummer and Nashville transplant, Josh Tilton, brings rhythmic skills unequaled in these parts, sure to provide the driving force needed to give you the highest quality rock experience around. 

gimikk’s repertoire includes covers from Van Halen to Bruno Mars and quality originals from their two self released albums, “Kindred Puppet” and "Travel My Direction". With professional lights and sound, gimikk is guaranteed not to disappoint. So punch out that time card, take a brew in hand and get ready to party. 

​ For almost a decade and a half, gimikk has remained dedicated to bringing you that pure rock sound that drives the heart of the Midwest.

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